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Raising public awareness of business human rights abuse


The 'Human Rights! Bloody Human Rights!' project promotes public engagement with Business and Human Rights through an interactive forum theatre/workshop experience. The project is based on initial case study work by Professor Alan Dignam from the School of Law at Queen Mary, University of London and Gabriela Quijano from Amnesty International. Researched and developed over two years, the centrepiece of the project contains three plays that make up the Human Rights! Bloody Human Rights! trilogy. The plays follow the attempt of a fictional British Company (BEW PLC) to privatise a community well in India, and the consequences as they play out over three continents.


At the heart of the plays lie complex issues such as community engagement, water as a commodity or human right, public corruption, transparency, UK business and human rights policy, private power, corporate groups, law versus moral/ethical approaches and the problematic role of lawyers and international arbitration. The plays explore these issues by following the question of who is responsible for the death of a woman in India from events in Orissa, to London and then finally to Washington where we find that her death has been almost forgotten.



The plays were performed as an interactive forum theatre experience over two weeks in October 2013 in Belfast, Dublin, London and Cambridge. Over 500 members of the public attended, got involved in the issues, produced, then voted for 10 clear aims for future legislation to help solve key aspects of business human rights abuse.

Rehearse the Future


Within the pages on this site you will find a story in film, photo and text that tells of a fictional British Company's involvement in the death of a woman in India and the audience attempts to fix things. The plays form a mash up of real case studies of business human rights abuse around the world placed in a fictionalised context.

Watch the plays, read them, see how we did it, follow Professor Dignam's Diary, perform them if you want, fix the events that take place in them, use them as a resource and see if you agree with the legislation proposed by our seven audiences. Alternatively, if you saw the original performances enjoy them again and read about the business and human rights issues behind the plays. It all starts here.


Tell us what you think


The driving ambition behind the Human Rights! Bloody Human Rights! project was a shared need by Professor Alan Dignam and Amnesty International to raise public awareness of important but complex aspects of business involvement in Human Rights abuse. This is the outcome.

Whether you are new to the project or you attended one of the performances, explore the site and, most importantly tell us what you think below. Business and government engagement on the issues raised here will only increase if public pressure is brought. That future starts with you.

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