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Belfast, Dublin, London, Cambridge: Alan Dignam's Human Rights! Bloody Human Rights! on tour diary

"Until now it has just been myself and Patrick Morris working on the scripts with occasional meetings for advice with Ali Campbell (QM Drama) or Gabby Quijano and Peter Frankental (Amnesty). Today I get to meet the actors Shane Shambhu, Rina Fatania and Neil Bromley and work through the script with them." Read More




Belfast, Brian Friel Theatre, Queens University Belfast: 17/10/2013 7.30 – 10.30 – a late show.


"A fine night with a sell out crowd of 80 with a long waiting list. Bit nervous about tonight as no idea if this works also I'm worried I won't get there on time as have to fly in just before showtime." Read more







Dublin Evening Bewleys Theatre Grafton Street 18 October 2013 6-9pm


"A horrible relentless rainy day. I am really very worried about who will turn up. Theatre in Bewleys is fantastic – intimate and perfect for forum theatre." Read more






"Our first night at Amnesty. I'm very nervous now we are back in London. Again sold out with a waiting list but a miserable rainy night again. Audience eventually turns up we start slightly late as in Belfast." Read More







London Queen Mary University of London, Drama Studio Thursday 24 and 25 October 2013 6.30-9.30pm


"Familiar territory at last as all our rehearsals were at QM but this is our first performance. During the day we work on difficult hotseat questions for Shane and Rena which goes well. Getting into the drama studio is a bit fraught as we can only get in to set up 30 min before performance time but it all goes well with help from Jules in the Drama Department." Read More






Cambridge Festival Of Ideas, Faculty of Law: Saturday 2-5pm 26/10/2013


"Our last performance. I'm strangely relaxed as most of the logistics of this final performance have fallen on Patrick. Lots of issues in the setup for Patrick as we have no dressing room and actors are unhappy. Patrick v stressed trying to sort out." Read More.








"Planning a project like this takes years. Researching and identifying the key recurring issues in business human rights abuse, turning that research into workable plays, learning how to write interactivity into the plays, raising funding, convincing people to let us perform it for them, working with the actors and project partners, performing it..." Read More





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